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The International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport ( ISPAS ), and its predecessor the International Society of Notational Analysis (ISNAS - 1991), was founded to improve the international cooperation in the field of Analysis of Sport. Obviously, the internationalization of this discipline is of great importance for the exchange of views, the discussion and presentation of current research results as well as the realization of joint research projects. Until now the Society has existed quite informally – its main purpose was to ensure the continuing excellence in its World Conferences in Liverpool (1991), Cardiff (1993), Turkey (1995), Porto (1998), Cardiff (2001), Belfast (2004) and Szombathely, Hungary (2006). But now with the rapid growth of Performance Analysis as a discipline and career, there is a need for the Society to assume more formal responsibilities.


The Society now has the following purposes/objectives:

          • dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning performance analysis of sport
        • providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
        • bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners
        • gather and disseminating information, scientific knowledge and materials on performance analysis of sport
        • counselling other organisations in questions of performance analysis of sport
        • Representation of computer science in sport in other scientific associations


It's tasks are:

  • Editing the e-journal, the International Journal of Performance Analysis of Sport (eIJPAS)
  • Organization of 2 – 3 workshops each year, preferably rotating the venues internationally.
  • Maintaining the web-site as a forum of communication for performance analysts and/or any other interested parties.
  • Manage the organisation of the World Conference at different venues around the world, bi-annually when possible.
  • Monitor the scientific content of the papers and presentations at the Conference, and produce the Proceedings
  • Organise and manage accreditation and registration of Academic Performance Analysts and Consultant Performance Analysts of sport


ISPAS Executive Committee

Prof. Mike Hughes

Honorary President

Dr. Dario Skegro

Business Manager

Prof. Goran Sporis

Business Manager


Dr. Nimai Parmar

Organisational Manager













ISPAS Structure






2019 - Lifetime Achievement Award - Professor Mike Hughes